Here’s The Best Way On How To Get A Book Published

One of the top things on everyone’s bucket list, including yours, is how to get a book published. Here’s a starting question for you: do you have the first draft of your next bestseller finished.

Do you at least have a manuscript?If you answered ‘yes,’ then you should be able to breeze through the rest of this article easily.

If you answered ‘no,’ then brace yourself now. You’ll certainly have some challenges whether you decide to go the traditional or self-publishing route if you don’t start preparing now.

The publishing industry is like any other industry for creative talent. It has its own parameters and unspoken rules that will be imperative to know as long as you want to succeed in distributing your book.

You will find that after the hours of research–and, yes, be prepared to invest large amounts of time into launching your book. Just as much as you’ll spend writing the book itself–you should have a surfeit of avenues to pursue. Choosing the right one will guarantee your success and the rewards of your efforts.

So now lets take a look at how to get a book published in a simple and easy manner.

What is the First Step?

how to get a book published

Believe it or not, you don’t need to have the manuscript completed to begin  looking for agents and publishers to work with.

Although it would be useful if .  There will be more on the topic of agents in just a bit so don’t hold onto that idea  too tightly–you might not even need one.

Don’t forget the “book” part in the initial steps of publishing because the type,  category, and genre will determine which publishing route you take. Not to  mention that having some completion of the book will make it easier to gain  traction with your partners.

Choose the purpose for publishing your book.

Look at your starting point and your end goal. Would critically acclaimed success or the simple gratification of completing your book suffice? Define your objective and consider it throughout every stage of your research. You wouldn’t want to end up headed down an avenue that minimizes your success or positions you with a low-quality publisher.

Know the options for publishing non-traditional books.

Keep in mind that even if you have already written the manuscript for your book and you find that it is more of a kaleidoscope than a cut-and-dry picture.

You don’t have to conform or sacrifice your creative integrity. Self-publishing, when done correctly and professionally, offers many rewards for those you if you want to maintain a higher degree of control over the outcome of their work.

Determine the best publishing route based upon the book type.

how to get a book publishedBooks need to be formatted a certain way in order to appeal to publishers. A book that interlaces essays with short stories, for example, could encounter some resistance from publishing companies.

They need something that easily fits into a category that buyers would already be familiar with. It’s the general industry standard, that many publishing companies are looking for work that will sell and easily fit into a box all at once.

Before you get too far ahead and decide to take (or relinquish) the reigns completely. You should know the basics about book publishing options, which are influenced by the type of book it is.


How to Get a Book Published: Determining Your Needs Based Upon Your Kind of Book

how to get a book publishedNon-Fiction Books

A manuscript is a lot less essential for non-fiction books. Since these types could range from DIY to catalogs of interviews, it would be a good idea to have its core idea solidified rather than a hard copy manuscript all ready to go.

Non-fiction books will also need proposals, which you could easily compare to business plans. Regardless, the publishers and editors you work with will want some say in the scope of the book.

Some of the same preliminary guidelines for publishing non-fiction books apply to fiction books, but not all of them.

Fiction Books

It would be a good idea to have the manuscript ready. If not, then that’s fine too. Have something: an outline, a mind map, a story board, or whatever it is that attempts to organize the ideas for how the story will flow.

You’ll want a manuscript for when you send queries to agents, who act kind of like a liaison between the author and the publisher. Self-publishing authors won’t really need agents and would probably benefit from their choice of going solo since it would allow their more creative liberty.

A book is like a child. Each one is different. Each has its own personality. Each one needs different tender loving care.

Everything course of action that you’ll take in the publishing process should be taken intentionally and mindfully. Whatever amount of energy you put into developing your book sets the tone for how successful its launch will eventually be.

Choose carefully from the beginning and you’ll be a happier camper.


How to Get a Book Published: Start Pitching and Selling Your Book

how to get a book publishedBefore you overwhelm yourself by looking up the multiple publishers and their submission guidelines, take into account the points mentioned prior about your book type.

You will inevitably be doing a lot of researching, brainstorming, strategizing, and changing your mind all throughout. If you long for mainstream success, you’ll want an agent and you’ll want the right one. All the same, the right agent will want you, but only if you know how to attract one. You do this by writing query letters.

A query should entice the potential agent to request the manuscript ultimately. Agents need to make it worth their time when looking at queries. They seek authors with large markets as well as ones who want to work with an established, reputable publishing company.

You will want to convey the hook or core concept of your book in the most concise way possible. Write this in an email consisting of 3-4 short paragraphs. End with a call to action that flirts with the curiosity of a prospective agent and invites him or her to request a copy of the manuscript.

Recall that an agent wouldn’t be as necessary for someone leaning towards self-publishing, or someone who doesn’t feel the need to be backed by a name like Hay House or Penguin.

Agents, however, would be essential for an author who needs an ally to ensure accuracy and fairness on the publisher’s behalf. They make sure that authors receive payment on time from those publishers who offer advances and royalties of which agents would receive a percentage for their input.

Publishing vs. Self-Publishing

Traditional publishing has been the focus so far. What about the self-publishing authors?

In a world where books have to conform to some uncomfortable industry standards, many authors have found solace on the road less traveled when publishing their books.

They have flexed their entrepreneurial muscles in order to power through [often tedious] marketing and book promotions.

Not only that, but they perform a 3-in-1 act as author, agent, and publisher.

Fortunately, Amazon Kindle, Lulu, and CreateSpace have all streamlined the process for those kinds of authors by giving them one-stop-shop platforms for self-publishing.

The good news: self-publishing resources are now more accessible than ever.

The not-so-good news: self-publishing is still pretty tough.

Because certain publishing industry standards may never change. It’s crucial for an author to decide upon things like how much creative integrity is worth maintaining. There is certainly more liberty allotted to a self-publishing author than to one who goes with a publishing company. But it takes a lot more marketing savvy to launch a book solo.


The Final Stage

how to get a book published

In whatever process of your life or your career, you’ll want support too. You’ll open up your opportunities to network, learn, grow, and meet valuable contacts who will be pivotal in shaping how your book turns out.

How to get a book published can be as simple as you make it. Remember that you always have options.

Keep your eyes on your timeline and the desired outcomes of your book release. You’ll have a published bestseller in no time. And if you’re looking for some pictures to go with your book, check out these cool photos.

And that’s how to get a book published!